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20th Century English Music

20th Century English Music
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This is a community for discussing 20th century English music and related topics - composers who are from other parts of the British Isles besides England, non-British composers writing music based on British folk songs, composers living under the influence of English music, music written to be sung in English, composers who didn't quite live into the 20th century but who still belong with the group...  You get the idea.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

One caveat: Please obtain your music in a legal manner.  Write to your government representative if you disagree with laws.  If you will make illegal copies or downloads, don't talk about it in front of me or I will annoy you with a long, stern lecture.  Enough said!

It was on the fifth of August-er' the weather fine and fair,
Unto Brigg Fair I did repair, for love I was inclined.

I rose up with the lark in the morning, with my heart so full of glee,
Of thinking there to meet my dear, long time I'd wished to see.

I took hold of her lily-white hand, O and merrily was her heart:
"And now we're met together, I hope we ne'er shall part".

For it's meeting is a pleasure, and parting is a grief,
But an unconstant lover is worse than any thief.

The green leaves they shall wither and the branches they shall die
If ever I prove false to her, to the girl that loves me.

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